Bringing the power of Science, Technology and Innovation to bear on International Development

STI4D is an innovation-led company, based in Oxfordshire UK, with a focus on creating solutions for international development that harness the power of science and technology. Our work also focussed on capacity-building, improved public understanding and sustainable business model innovation to achieve lasting impact for the world.

We have specific experience with novel agricultural technologies for the developing world, off-grid energy access, remote rural healthcare, communications and public understanding and working with the media on science and public policy communication.

We are always happy to consider new work, and to be able to apply our expertise to your projects. Please feel free to get in touch!

Innovative Off-Grid Access to Healthcare

Project Aim:┬áDevelop and test a new method for improving access to healthcare for unserved Maasai communities in Northern Tanzania , using human-centred design methods for community impact, developing an innovative method to help remote patients get access to quality healthcare at a lower cost to health authorities than building and staffing new hospitals. Outcome: We …

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Sustainable Minigrids in Lesotho

This project was carried out in collaboration with local offgrid energy company MOSCET, the National University of Lesotho, and technical lead Gram Oorja, an experienced community minigrid and rural technology company based in India. This project was funded by InnovateUK, the UK’s Innovation Agency. At a national electrification rate of 41%, Lesotho lags behind its …

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ILRI Mzima (Trypanosomiasis-resistant) Cow Programme

Trypanosomiasis is one of the most significant constraints to cattle production in Africa. The disease directly affects livestock productivity (meat and milk production), and indirectly lowers crop productivity as cattle play a crucial role as farm labour, which means that in the absence of livestock resource-poor farmers are dependent on the heavy work of hand …

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Smart Villages Initiative

The Challenge Unfortunately it is a fact that, in the world in 2012, a staggering 1.3 billion people had no access to electricity. Now the numbers are better, but still 800 million people face this situation. In addition, 3 billion are still cooking on dangerous and inefficient stoves. Many of them live in remote rural …

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B4FA Media Fellowship Programme

For the majority of people, the main exposure to scientific and technological advances after formal education occurs mainly, if not exclusively, though the media. Journalists play therefore a crucial role as the bridge between science and the public. As a source of information, analysis and critical comment on current events and developments, science journalism performs …

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Genetics for Africa: Strategies & Opportunities

The G4ASO project worked in Africa over 3 years to examine the breadth of genetic research (in plants, animals and humans) across the continent, the extent to which genetic research in and for Africa has a direct relevance to social and economic development, and how well understood and communicated that research is to regulators, decision-makers, …

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