ILRI Mzima (trypanosomiasis-resistant) Cow

The International Livestock Research Institute, in Nairobi, Kenya (a CGIAR institute) has for several years been working with partners around the world on an innovative trypanosomiasis resistant cattle project. STI4D has been assisting ILRI with aspects of this project, especially relating to regulatory and communications considerations and stakeholder engagement.

Genetics for AFrica - Strategies and Opportunities

The G4ASO project has been working in Africa over 3 years to examine the breadth of genetic research (in plants, animals and humans) across the continent, and how well understood and communicated that research is to regulators, decision-makers, the media and the general public – and the challenges that are faced in outreach, understanding, and therefore ultimately adoption of the outputs of such research.

SMART VILLAGES - Energy-catalysed holistic rural development

The Smart Villages Initiative has for the last 6 years been investigating options for off-grid rural energy in the developing, as well as best practices in productive utilisation of that energy and provision of innovative decentralised services, in order to drive rural development. STI4D staff have been in charge of leading that programme.

Biosciences for Farming in Africa

The Biosciences for Farming in Africa project has been running for over 7 years to try to encourage informed dialogue and understanding of agricultural science and biotechnology in Africa, working especially with the research community, decision-makers and local media. STI4D staff in particular were responsible for running the media development programmes, training journalists and broadcasters in some of the underlying science, networking them with local researchers and supporting field visits and other reporting opportunities.

Sustainable Minigrids in Lesotho

Funded by InnovateUK, STI4D is leading a consortium of partners in developing offgrid rural energy solutions in Lesotho incorporating solar power and innovate productive use technologies and business models, to foster integrated sustainable community development.

Innovative Access to Healthcare for Impact in Remote Communities

Supported by InnovateUK/GCRF Impact funding, STI4D is working in partnership to develop and trial simple technologies to facilitate access to healthcare in remote rural off-grid communities, in the hope that this can increase access to timely healthcare to rural populations, at lower cost, and with improved health outcomes.